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Research and Educational Consulting Services

Select the services directed at your unique needs and personal goals
A woman writes on a piece of paper with mug in a background, strategic process planning

Strategic Process Planning

  • Assistance with time management

  • Defense coaching

  • Focusing on the process and obstacles to progress and completion

  • Providing more than technical support to facilitate all phases of the research process

  • Empathic holistic approach to managing the process

Woman types on laptop, manuscript development help

Manuscript Development & Refinement

  • Identifying feasible research topics

  • Refinement of literature search

  • Development of rationale and justification of hypothesis

  • Hypothesis development

  • Selection of appropriate measurement tools

A piece of paper with graphs drawn on it, statistical analysis

Statistical Analysis & Interpretation

  • Formulating analysis plan

  • Data coding and data entry

  • Conducting descriptive and inferential statistics

  • Interpretation of statistical output

    • Thorough understanding of the practical interpretation of statistical results

    • And integration with original hypothesis

A woman writes with a pen with a mug in the background

Strategic Process Planning

Our Strategic Process Planning service is designed specifically for doctorate and masters students who are facing challenges in their research journey and thesis or dissertation writing. We understand that the process can be overwhelming, especially for those lacking research experience or proper mentorship. With our comprehensive approach, we go beyond mere technical support to assist you in all phases of the research process. We provide valuable guidance on time management strategies, ensuring that you stay on track and meet your deadlines effectively. Additionally, our defense coaching equips you with the necessary skills and confidence to present your work to your committee. We understand that dealing with a difficult mentor or committee members can be daunting, which is why we offer techniques to navigate such situations with poise and professionalism. Our counseling services focus on perspective taking and problem-solving, helping you overcome obstacles and find innovative solutions. Throughout the entire process, we take an empathic and holistic approach, ensuring that you are supported not only academically but also emotionally, as we understand the toll the research process can take.

Manuscript Development & Refinement

Our Manuscript Development and Refinement service aims to assist doctorate and masters students in crafting high-quality and well-structured research manuscripts. Whether you are struggling to identify feasible research topics or refine your literature search, we are here to guide you through the process. We specialize in developing a strong rationale and justification for your hypotheses, ensuring that your research is grounded in sound academic principles. Our expertise extends to the utilization of APA style, ensuring that your manuscript adheres to the appropriate formatting guidelines and includes proper reference citations. We also provide support in cultivating a scholarly writing style and structure, enabling you to effectively communicate your ideas and findings. In addition, we assist in the selection of appropriate measurement tools, ensuring that your research methods align with your research objectives. Finally, we offer valuable assistance in formatting tables, ensuring that your data is presented clearly and concisely. With our Manuscript Development and Refinement service, you can enhance the quality and professionalism of your research manuscripts, increasing their impact and scholarly merit.

A woman types on her laptop
A piece of paper with graphs drawn on it

Statistical Analysis & Interpretation

Our Statistical Analysis & Interpretation service offers comprehensive support for those in need of assistance with data analysis and interpretation. We understand that statistical analysis can be a complex task, and our aim is to provide the expertise and guidance necessary for a successful outcome. We begin by helping you formulate a tailored analysis plan that aligns with your research objectives. Our service includes data coding and entry to ensure accurate organization and preparation for analysis. We are proficient in conducting both descriptive and inferential statistics, allowing us to extract valuable insights from your data. Our focus goes beyond just running numbers; we emphasize the interpretation of statistical output, providing you with a deep understanding of the practical implications and integration with your original hypotheses. With our Statistical Analysis & Interpretation service, you can confidently analyze your data and effectively communicate the significance of your research findings.

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