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Estelle Campenni, Ph.D.

College professor, statistician, researcher and mentor

Headshot of Dr. Estelle Campenni, mentor and statistician
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College Professor

Dr. Campenni received her Experimental Psychology from Adelphi University. She has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level for over 25 years. Her teaching experiences include introductory psychology, senation & perception, health psychology, research methods, introductory statistics and  advanced statistics. She has 15 years experience teaching thesis proposal development and ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, mediational analysis and multiple regression analyses to both master's and doctoral-level graduate students.


Dr. Campenni has worked in various market research firms as senior statistician servicing major pharmaceutical, computer and retail companies. The skills required in the servicing and management of these clients included acquisition of large data sets targeting their business needs, use of varied statistical procedures to translate the data into actionable recommendations and oral and written presentation of these findings to key business personell.


Estelle has conducted and published research in the areas of gender stereotyping and the effects of aromatherapy on mood. Currently, she is conducting on-going research on the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness. This research has been presented at regional, national and international conferences. Her expertise in the benefits of mindfulness and various ways in which it can be expereinced in one's personal and professional lives are shared regularly through workshops.


Estelle has served as the primary academic mentor of 50+ master's theses and doctoal dissertations. She provides professional, supportive and expert mentoring that addresses both the academic and personal needs of the mentees she serves .In so doing, she incorporates her knoweldge of the benefits of mindful awareness to assist students in gaining the focused attention and balanced persepctive that is needed to complete a thesis or dissertation.

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