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Process, Fees & Agreements


Free One-Hour Consultation

A savvy consumer shops around and a good researcher does preliminary research. That is why you have the opportunity to speak with me before you decide if you really need help with completing your thesis or dissertation, if the services I offer meet your needs and if you are comfortable with my style of virtual mentoring. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and offer a preliminary action plan.


I am committed to making you feel comfortable about your experiences and ensuring that your needs are met. Based on my personal philosophy of mentoring, these initial contacts serve multiple purposes which may include the following:

  • relieving your anxiety about discussing your work with someone you don't know and may never meet

  • knowing that the services you will receive are delivered by a knowledgeable, compassionate, professional who can address your concerns and assist you in making the process manageable and understandable


Written Contract & Service Details

If, after our initial consultation, you agree to seek the services of Statistical Sanity, you will receive a written contract which details:

  • specific services that you will be provided

    • strategic process planning and/or

    • manuscript development and/or

    • statistical analysis and/or

  • details of how services will be received

  • amount of time that is projected to complete the services

  • total cost of services.

The contract will be received via email and the service agreement will begin when the contract has been signed and delivered with 50% of the total cost of services. At that time, clients will provide their preliminary research proposal and data file (if available) to Statistical Sanity. The remainder of the balance will be due at the completion of al services agreed to in the contract and before receipt of the final written summary of findings and/or manuscript edits. 


Fees & Payments

The hourly fee for services is $150.


The estimated number of hours is determined at the time of the contractual agreement. The time it will take to complete the services you require is based on the needs and information you provide at the time of the initial consultation. There will be no charge to you until the assessment of your needs is completed and agreed upon.


Once a verbal agreement is reached, you will receive a written agreement via email that details the services you will receive and the estimated number of hours and cost required to complete your research and/or statistical needs. Clients will pay 50% of the anticipated cost of the project before consulting begins. Once the consulting services have been completed, clients will submit the remaining 50% of the consulting fee. Final analyses and/or manuscripts will not be send to clients until the final payment has been made.


Note that throughout the process, clients will be made aware of the actual time required to complete the consulting services. Additional hours will not be incurred for work that meets the agreement made at the start of the consultation. In the event that less time is required, adjustments will be made at the time of the final payment. If additional services are required that are beyond the terms of the initial agreement, a supplementary agreement will be drafted before additional work is conducted.

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