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Coaching, critique, counseling and cheerleading for your Statistical Sanity

Educational consulting services and statistical consulting for PhD dissertation assistance, master thesis help, and independent research strategy development.


Dealing with the technical aspects of data, a thesis, or dissertation can be the hardest part of the process.


Statistical Sanity Consulting is committed to providing assistance to navigate the obstacles that may prevent you from completing your degree.


Call today for a free one-hour consultation to find out if you can benefit from strategic process planning, manuscript development, or statistical analysis.

Why seek thesis and dissertation assistance?

Insufficient mentoring

Help with time management

Apprehension of research & statistics

In need of a fresh perspective & new approach

Research and Educational Consulting Services

A hand writing on paper with a mug in the background, strategic planning and educational consulting

Strategic Process Planning

  • Assistance with time management

  • Defense coaching

  • Focusing on the process and obstacles to progress and completion

  • Providing more than technical support to facilitate all phases of the research process

  • Empathic holistic approach to managing the process

A woman types on her laptop, manuscript development help

Manuscript Development & Refinement

  • Identifying feasible research topics

  • Refinement of literature search

  • Development of rationale and justification of hypothesis

  • Hypothesis development

  • Selection of appropriate measurement tools

A paper with marker drawn graphs

Statistical Analysis & Interpretation

  • Formulating analysis plan

  • Data coding and data entry

  • Conducting descriptive and inferential statistics

  • Interpretation of statistical output

'The challenge is to make the abstract concrete and manage your frustrations as you navigate the process. To do so often requires someone who can help you through the process and serve as coach, critic, counselor and cheerleader.'

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